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For the past 60 years, San Benito High School has played at Greyhound Stadium, but that will change next week when the new stadium opens. The school district's newest stadium will be inaugurated on Friday, October 13, when Greyhounds take on Valley Powerhouse Los Fresnos in a district contest. Next up is Pioneer Marble Falls, which advanced with a 27-24 victory over Brenham.

In a place where the most popular sport outside football is local politics, he says, there is what he calls "Friday Night Lights Syndrome," and the city has no cinema. Football gives people something to be proud of, because the kids in San Benito have a great place for football and athletics, "Pena told a young boy who came up to him for an autograph after Friday's victory. Waving his arms wildly in a sea of purple, he entered a Whataburger nightly contest, which was promoted on the big screen, and won free food from Whataburger.

Mburger increased the lead to 35-17 at halftime with his second goal of the night before the teams traded points at the end of the day. A touchdown pass from Pena to junior wide receiver J.J. Brown, which cut it to nine, closed the scoring.

San Benito cut the deficit to 10 field goals, but the Eagles responded quickly with a long pass that made Duran's third goal make it 27-10. The Eagles took a final lead on a pass from Duran to Gilberto Bernal with his second short pass. San Benita had one last drive into Eagles territory but couldn't convert in fourth - and - long - and was forced back down after another sack by Ezekiel Cuadros.

Castillo scored his second touchdown of the night, setting the scoring for Pioneer. Esparza had a goal run after a Marburg Castillo run that opened his offensive line, but the stop stopped at three points instead of seven. Whenever you get a stop like that You just have to give your offense a chance, and we did that.

You cannot live without them, but fortunately there are many possibilities for those who want to cut the cord, and these restrictions mean nothing to me.

When Bobby Morrow Stadium was named after the district's most famous graduate, Morrow was scheduled for a possible halftime celebration in honor of the former Greyhound. Morrow said he would be accompanied at the inauguration ceremony by his San Benito coach, who had flown in from Florida for the ceremony.

Detmer and his team have not forgotten the chance to experience the excitement, as San Benito, one of only two teams in the Big 7 to reach the postseason, has advanced to the quarterfinals of their respective divisions. Both won their rounds - opening victories in their respective divisions, with a 14-7 victory over Rio Grande Valley and a 13-10 victory over San Marcos.

The wins improved the Eagles to 5-1 and marked the first playoff appearance for Detmer and his team since his first season as head coach in 2010. It means he has experienced a playoff victory as coach of the Eagles, several of whom have led the school to its first-ever Big 7 playoff in school history.

He won 80 of 88 college races and was inducted into at least seven halls of fame, including the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. Morrow turned down offers to sign up with Abilene Christian after winning the Texas sprint title and setting school records in the 100, 200, 400 and 4x100 meters. He was named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year and received the Sullivan Award for Sportsman of the Year. In his final year in high school, Morrow won the sprint title in Texas, set school records in the 200 and 400 meters, and won the 100 and 200 meters breaststroke titles.

The Eagles extended their lead to 20-7 after quarterback Ryan O'Brien played a 14-yard touchdown pass to DeAndre Johnson that opened the half. The Panthers' defense stepped up the effort early in the second half, regaining the Panthers' first possession of the ball and stopping the Eagles' first two scoring attempts in the third and fourth quarters. The Panthers came close to scoring their first goal before settling for a field goal late in the quarter, but a strong run by Tristan Castillo extended the lead to 28-14. After beating Brownsville 58-20 last Friday, the Greyhounds will play one last game on Saturday at 7: 30 p.m. in Abilene Christian.

The drive was underscored by big yards from Jose Ortiz and Jose Cortez after a pass from Duran. In some sections, former varsity players sat, their faces painted purple and yellow, and their hair purple.

Moreno combined the first names Hicks and Benny, whom he called "Don Benito," and Hicks - Benny. Colonel. Sam Robertson partnered with him and founded what would become San Benittos Land and Water Company. The second was the Central Power and Light Company, which operated the La Palma power station. Consolidated Power & Light Co., the first of its kind in Texas, is the city's largest employer with more than 1,000 employees.

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